4x12 Ortho (LP)

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4x12 Ortho (LP)

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The 4x12 ortholinear keyboard is an extremely common and beloved layout within the keyboard community. Made popular by Jack's Planck from OLKB, the 4x12 ortholinear layout is possibly the most popular non-stagger layout available. Our 48-key 4x12 Ortho keyboard has hotswap compatibility, and the ortholinear layout is far more ergonomic that staggered keyboards because the keys are all much easier to reach, and all keys are within a single row/column from where your hands usually rest. I highly recommend anyone wanting to try to get into the ergonomic keyboard hobby try a 4x12 ortholinear keyboard.

This particular 4x12 Ortho (LP) is compatible with Kailh Choc Low-Profile switches, so be sure to purchase the version you want. Both 4x12 Ortho listings on Boardsource as essentially the same exact keyboard, but one is low-profile (LP) and the other is MX switch compatible (high profile).






Kit Available

Diode (TH),

Choc Hot Swap Sockets,

Black FR4 4x12 Ortho (LP) Case ,

soldering Service,

Elite-C (v4) ,

Choc Robin,



  • 4x12 Layout
  • Ortholinear Layout
  • Choc Hotswap Compatible
  • QMK support
Kit Options
  • PCB Case: Standoffs and Hardware
  • Diode (TH)
  • Choc Hot Swap Sockets
  • Black FR4 4x12 Ortho (LP) Case (including needed screws and covers)
  • soldering Service
  • Elite-C (v4)
  • Choc Robin
  • Purpz
  • Blok

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4x12 Ortho (LP)
4x12 Ortho (LP)
4x12 Ortho (LP)