Ergo Travel

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Ergo Travel

In Stock

As the name implies, the Ergo Travel was originally designed as a travel keyboard, but it works just as well on your desk as a main daily use keyboard. The Ergo Travel is a popular choice by many because it offers a few more keys than other keyboards in similar sizes, and that is why we chose to stock it. Additionally, the Ergo Travel has nice customization options in the thumb cluster because you can configure the main thumb key to use a single larger 2u key, or two smaller 1u keys depending on your preference. The clean and simple aesthetic of the Ergo Travel and the few extra keys make it an awesome option for people wanting a 40%-ish split keyboard.






Kit Available

Pro Micro,

MX Hot Swap Sockets,

Diode (TH),

Durock Stabilizers V1 2u,

Black FR4 Ergo Travel Case,

soldering Service,

Elite-C (v4) ,

Mx Switches,

USB Cable,

TRRS Cable

  • 54 keys
  • Columnar Stagger Layout
  • 2 or 3 Key Thumb Cluster
  • MX Hotswap Compatible
Kit Options
  • PCB Case: Standoffs and Hardware
  • Pro Micro
  • MX Hot Swap Sockets
  • Diode (TH)
  • Durock Stabilizers V1 2u
  • Black FR4 Ergo Travel Case (including needed screws and covers)
  • soldering Service
  • Elite-C (v4)
  • Mx Switches
  • USB Cable
  • TRRS Cable

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Ergo Travel
Ergo Travel
Ergo Travel