Corne LP

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Corne LP

In Stock

The Corne LP (low profile) is a slim and sleek ergonomic keyboard designed for maximum size efficiency. The Corne LP was a natural launch kit for Boardsource because we are huge fans of the Corne, and have used them as main keyboards for a long time. Our passion for portable travel-friendly items (who doesn't love small keyboards?) and the curiosity of what can be done with the low profile side of the market led to a beautiful final product. Whether you want to try the Corne layout for the first time, or want to buy your 10th Corne, or maybe you want to try low profile switches, there is a new experience for everyone in this board.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Corne assembly does not include LEDs due to the time it takes to install. We may eventually offer LEDs in the assembly but not at this time.

NOTE: Corne V3 pcb does not use the same LEDS to get the right leds please buy v3 led pack

NOTE: Pcbs and cases are sold in packs of 2. Pcb comes with trrs jacks and reset switch's.






Kit Available

LED (SK6812 Mini),

Diode (SMD),

soldering Service,

OLED Screen-S,

Elite-C (v4) ,

USB Cable,

Choc Hot Swap Sockets,

Silver Aluminum Corne LP Case,

Corne LP Plate,

TRRS Cable,

V3 Corne LED Pack,

Choc Robin,



  • 3x6 Columnar Stagger Layout On Each Hand
  • 3 Thumb Cluster Keys Per Hand
  • Choc Hotswap Compatible
  • OLED Support
  • Per-Key RGB LED
  • RGB Underglow
  • QMK support
Kit Options
  • LED (SK6812 Mini)
  • Diode (SMD)
  • soldering Service
  • OLED Screen-S
  • Elite-C (v4)
  • USB Cable
  • Choc Hot Swap Sockets
  • Silver Aluminum Corne LP Case (including needed screws and covers)
  • Corne LP Plate
  • TRRS Cable
  • V3 Corne LED Pack
  • Choc Robin
  • Purpz
  • Blok

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Corne LP
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